How to: Pack Efficiently


We have some tips for you that help maximize space and make packing stress free and organized.

Photo by grinvalds/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by grinvalds/iStock / Getty Images

  • Step One: Decide what you're packing
    • Follow this simple formula: Pack 3 tops for every bottom
    • Pants and skirts usually take up more room, so make sure to pack versatile, neutral bottoms that can be worn with a variety of tops
    • Think carefully about blending colors instead of piecing together outfits
    • Stay lightweight! Opt for lighter fabrics and leave the embellished pieces and heavy materials at home
  • Step Two: Roll it or Fold it
    • Rolling: Great for unstructured bags, like a duffel or carry-on tote
    • How to roll pants: Fold pants in half lengthwise so that the back pockets face outward, then roll tightly from the cuffs to the waistband
    • Folding: Great for structured suitcases
    • How to fold a dress or shirt: Put the pice in a plastic trash bag (keeps the wrinkles from setting) then fold it in half lengthwise. Afterward, fold the angled edge inward to form a rectangle. Fold it in half horizontally then place it on top of everything else.
  • Step Three: Placing your pieces
    • Place footwear and heavy items along the wheel base
    • Lay the foundation- start with tightly packed rolled clothes then gradually build the second layer with folded pieces
    • Move onto the third level, adding thick sweaters, jackets, and folded shirts
    • Lay any crushable items, such as structured dresses or molded bras on the top. Stack bras flat so they spoon each other, and stuff the cups with socks
    • Stock essentials in the lid compartments
    • Tuck swimsuits, hosiery and underwear in corners
    • Store fragile pieces in heavy sweaters and arrange them in the center of the bag

Get packing!