Want to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall? Here's how!

As the warm, summer weather slowly changes into a cool autumn crisp, don’t be too quick to put away all of your summer pieces. While September is right around the corner, we never know when the temperature will start to get cooler. In between these seasons, it can be tricky to know what to keep in your closet and what to add to create the perfect transitional wardrobe… so we’ve made a list!


maxi dresses

Keep your maxi dresses. A jacket, sweater, blazer can turn a delicate, lightweight, or floral maxi dress into a fall must-have. Think of your maxi dress as a long skirt and pair it with layers you would normally wear with a skirt, or wear over a skirt and top. To make sure your look isn’t too boxy, it’s important to give yourself a waist by tying your over layer or by adding a belt.

Silky blouses

Keep your summer silky blouses. Whether it’s bright, floral or printed, mix your silky blouses with darker shades such as black, gray or brown to tone down the summer brights. Textures such as leather and knits can also help create a cooler weather feel. If you would like a different look of layering, try wearing a light long sleeve shirt under the silky blouse.


Keep your summer whites. Long gone are the days of not wearing white after Labor Day. A white dress, blouse or pair of pants can have the correct seasonal feel when paired with the right accessories such as darker necklaces, bags, shoes and sweaters. Fall hues such as burgundy, camel, dark green, mustard yellow and brown all set an autumn tone to the outfit. If you’re feeling on the wild side, wear your whites with an animal print!


Tights and Leggings

Add tights. Add leggings. These add ons will extend your summer wardrobe, so pair them with a dress, tunic or even shorts to give your wardrobe a cooler weather look. Go bold with bright colors and patterns or to tone down your summer colors, use darker colors such as black, tan, or burgundy.


Add plaid. We repeat. Add plaid. It’s hard not to look at plaid and think of autumn. It is the most popular pattern of the season. By pairing a little plaid to your summer staples, you’re ready to go out and pair your outfit with a hot latte and an apple cider donut.


Add texture. Summer fabrics are often light and airy, making you think of that warm oceanside breeze, so it’s important to add some texture to create a colder weather feel. Textures such as knotty knits, smooth leather, and all things suede are a great way to transition your summer wardrobe into a fall wardrobe.


Add layers. You may have noticed already that we continue to mention the importance of layering. While layers keep you warm in the cool autumn breezes, they also create a new look for your summer wardrobe. Remember not to go too crazy! You don’t want to look bulky or feel uncomfortable. The key is to layer long over lean. Match longer length tops, such as tunics or longer cardigans over leaner bottoms such as tights or skinny jeans. Simply add a long sweater or cardigan over a tank top with a light scarf and a pair of boots to finish your perfect fall outfit.