Leopards and tigers and bears—oh yes!

Who knew Tarzan and Jane would be such fashion icons?

Animal prints are all the rage for autumn this year. As the weather gets cooler, animal prints bring a warmth to an outfit not only because we think of warm cuddly animals, but also because they tend to have warmer tones of tan, brown and orange. You can also take a walk on the wilder side and wear bold, unconventional colors in the form of animal prints such as electric purple and neon blue. The most beautiful patterns are from nature. The silky coat of a leopard, the vibrant stripes of a tiger, the mesmerizing skin of a snake — no wonder we use these gorgeous creatures for fashion inspiration.

runway looks

Eccentric animal prints were seen on many runways during fashion week this year. Whether sticking to one animal print or multiple layered prints, models came out with many textures, colors and styles showcasing the bold trend.

our looks

With inspiration from our favorite wild animals and runway looks —- we’ve created a collection of our new fall arrivals.


Have fun mixing and matching your animal prints, or if you want to show your love of animals in a more subtle way, try the trend by just adding an animal inspired accessory! These will give any outfit a jungle forest flare!