This Season's Color

This season's color schemes focus on softer, cooler tones that can be found all around you in nature. Subtle colors like tangerine, aquamarine, lavender, toasted almond and strawberry ice are among a few hues that will be making a mark on fashion this spring and summer.



Tangy Tangerine is a summer favorite. The color is energizing, yet not overwhelming to the eye.   

Pairs well with light brown and plush pink hues.


Aquamarine is both cooling and calming, and acts more as stress reducer to the eye than others in the blue family. 

Pairs nicely with grays and wine colored tones.


Lavender, the favorite color of spring is both rich and delicate like the herb the name derives from.

Pairs perfectly with soft browns.

Find Your Color Palette

1. Mix patterns from the same color family

Stick to a basic color palette when mixing patterns. This will create a subtle look, while still showing your fun creative side. For example, if you have a patterned shirt with dark berry colors and taupes than try to pair it with a bottom piece that has similar shades of the top color.

2. Think of some patterns/textures as solidS 

If you have a polka dot skirt, think of that as a solid. Same can go for thin stripes or checks. If the prints are small enough and understated, the eye can view them as a solid, even though they are not.

3. Look for patterns that complement each other

Complementing patterns like stripes and floral always mesh well, as do leopard and stripes or polka dots. If you're new to patterning pieces than start with a basic striped t-shirt and pair it with a structured floral pencil skirt, similar to the picture above!  

4. Don't go too matchy-matchy

Mixing patterns is really fun, if you have the right pieces. One rule of thumb, do not go out head-to-toe in one pattern. Instead, switch up the colors of the matching patterns. This will keep your look fresh and sophisticated. 

5. Space the patterns out

There is no need to wear a patterned skirt with a patterned jacket, or top. Sometimes mixing a top or skirt with patterned shoes can give your outfit a boost of edge while still appearing elegant. 

6. Include neutral pieces

When you add a solid with two or more patterns, you allow the visual space of the outfit to be segmented. You do this with stockings, shoes or accessories. Whatever you chose to add make sure it's a neutral color, it'll help your outfit look even better.