Layer it On!

The art of layering is a fashion skill that can be very helpful for any season. Learning how to properly layer can revolutionize the way you buy your clothes and piece together your outfits. The following tips and tricks will help you become a layering pro in no time!

Start with a basic lightweight top. A solid color, something neutral or striped. 

Add another layer such as a light cardigan or sweater, depending on the weather. If you're into color, mix a bold pullover to give your outfit more depth and edge.

Then add a jacket or coat onto. A basic color such as: camel, black, navy or olive green.

Finally, add your statement piece, a scarf! In whatever color or print you like!

If you're an accessories person, drape necklaces over your layers or wear colorful bangles to add a little touch of fun to your outfit.


Quick Tips!

  • Wear fitted under layers to keep your shape looking slim.

  • If you're concerned about your waistline, try wearing a bold belt that helps define your shape and add balance.

  • Remember: Length and proportion is key when layering!

  • Experiment with texture and color. It's best to incorporate a mix of materials when piecing together a layered look.