How to Pack Like a Pro!

Step 1: Decide what you're taking

Follow this simple formula: pack 3 tops for every bottom:
Pants and skirts usually take up more room so pack versatile neutral colored pieces.
Think about blending colors instead of piecing together outfits.
Be lightweight! Opt for lighter fabrics and leave the embellished pieces and heavy materials at home or keep it to a minimum.

Step 2: Roll it or fold it

Rolling: great for unstructured bags, like a duffel or carry-on tote 
How to roll pants- fold pants in half lengthwise so that the back pockets face outward
Roll tightly from the cuffs to the waistband

Folding: great for structured suitcases
How to fold a dress or shirt - put the piece in a plastic trash bag (keeps wrinkles from setting) then fold it in half lengthwise
After, fold the angled edge inward to form a rectangle
Fold it in half horizontally then place on top of everything else

Step 3: Placing your pieces

Place footwear and heavy stuff along the wheel base
Lay the foundation- start with tightly packed rolled clothes then gradually build the second layer with folded pieces
Move on to the third level-add thick sweaters, jackets and folded shirts
Lay crushable items, such as structured dresses or molded bras. Stack bras flat so they spoon each other, and stuff the cups with socks
Stock essentials in the lid compartments
Tuck swimsuits, hosiery and underwear in corners
Store fragile pieces in heavy sweaters and arrange them in the center of the bag

.....Bon Voyage!    

Resort Wear

Traditional Tunic

Nothing says island wear like a colorful tunic. A great piece to add to any resort wear packing list, a traditional tunic can be worn over pants, as a beach cover up, or paired as a top tucked into shorts. 

Leave neutral hues at home and pack your bags full of tropical colors that blend in with the surroundings and energy of your destination. If tropical reds and turquoise aren't your favorite colors then blend soft pastels shades such as cornflower blue and maize yellow into your resort style.

Edgy Separates

Pair a colorful printed top with classic white pants for a comfortable, yet classic look for cool nights and breezy days. 

Combining prints is also encouraged but make sure the patterns don't collide into a fashion disaster. Consult our Tips & Trends: How to Match Patterns.

Shop with your girlfriends!

Traveling with your best gal pals can be an incredible adventure. However, shopping beforehand with the girls can be just as fun. Before you ladies head south, try on some new trendy resort wear pieces and pick your favorites for the big trip!