Handbag Organizer Insert


Handbag Organizer Insert

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The signature PurseN Handbag Organizer Insert is available in 2 sizes (small & medium), features 10 total compartments to keep you organized at all times, and expands to maximize space in larger handbags. And when it's time for a change, simply lift the organizer out by the built-in handles and place in a new handbag.


  • 2 Outside Pockets
  • 6 Inside Pockets
  • 1 Large Inside Center Compartment
  • 1 Inside Zippered Privacy Pocket
  • 1 Pen Holder
  • Built-in Handles for Changing Handbags
  • Expandable Sides to Maximize Space in Larger Handbags
  • Serves as a Liner to Protect the Inside of Bag
  • Integrated LED Lights Option for Better Visibility

Size | Small

  • Insert size: 8.5"W x 6"H x 3"D
  • Fits small to medium handbags

Size | Medium

  • Insert size: 10"W x 6"H x 3"D
  • Fits medium to large handbags
LED Lights:
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