Ecru On-Off Shoulder with Bell Sleeve

ecru f17 3519CU_CAROB_004_ebcc8ed7-b758-471f-a6f6-e8be43095688_2200x.jpg
ecru f17 3519CU_CAROB_004_ebcc8ed7-b758-471f-a6f6-e8be43095688_2200x.jpg

Ecru On-Off Shoulder with Bell Sleeve


Cupro has become one of Ecru's staple fabrics. Made from cotton, it is a breathable, year round fabric with a beautiful sheen and soft silky feel. This top features delicate gathers at the neck line and a dramatic bell sleeve. This can be worn on or off the shoulder.

  • Gathered neck line has elastic inside so this can be worn on or off the shoulder
  • Bell sleeve detail
  • Delicate gathers around neck
  • Cupro is actually derived from the fibers that enfold the seeds in a cotton plant. These normally unused fibers are transformed with technology into a precious commodity...Cupro. Cupro’s first feature is apparent on contact - the surface feels silky soft and smooth and is in many ways, softer than silk. As a natural and biodegradable fiber, Cupro's burden on the environment is as light as possible. There are many brands that claim to use cupro but Ecru uses the REAL THING. We buy our yarn from the original mill in Japan where the production of Cupro was perfected. Try it and you'll see why we love it so much!

  • Machine wash warm
  •  Tumble dry
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